Thursday, March 12, 2009

Proctoring CSAP/ACT Tests

While the effectiveness of Colorado Student Assessment Program and the mandatory ACT testing of all Colorado Juniors is debatable, the use of teachers during school hours to proctor these exams is a true waste of taxpayer money. To pay me my teacher's salary (after 30 years of teaching) for proctoring is ridiculous considering that proctoring can be done by well trained pongids for a lot less money. Colorado taxpayers, you should be complaining about this LOUD and LONG. This is a total waste of your money, and is done only for convenience.

I walk around for three hours a day for four days and get paid incredibly well for it, but I really should not. Parents need to hear this, and should demand that teachers on teacher's pay should be spent teaching or planning. This is a black hole for tax money, badly concieved and badly spent.

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